Apr 17

Site Clean Up and News!

Just a heads up to everyone on Offishial Business Site, we will be clearing out some things and rearranging stuff, if by accident you get blocked or banned or something goes totally off the wall. Please forgive us. we will try to keep it smooth and with no major issues.

Thank you for all the support, post, pictures and reports. Keep them coming and watch for our new contest, Coming Soon!

As well the Hawaii Trip coming soon video and photo coverage. Normal Trolling and fighting chair stuff, but i am taking the stand up gear and going for broke!

Should be fun!!!!

Apr 16

Friends of Rollo needs your help

Friends of Rollo, we all know who they are. They help kids fish, and are a big advocate to the community of fishing. Attached here is a letter regarding the recent theft of the Friends of Rollo Foundation. It sickens me to hear about this and how sick people are these days.

Apr 15

PSI Lures New Line up!

OK so the forecast looks like first week of MAY the PSIlures.com line up will be in-stock.
colors and designs

Offishial Business is supporting these and can say that they do catch fish. Order before hand limited number is what we have been told and with that and a hot looking season, dont miss out!

Apr 12

Fishing Workshop City of Riverside

Fishing Workshop City of Riverside

Fishing Workshop City of Riverside, as of yesterday “The Catch Tour” will be hosting the City of Riverside Fishing Clinic/ Workshop.
June 14th is the date and we will be having a 5 station with fishing from shore event. This will include 5 classes, lunch if you need tackle we will have it to use, it is recommended to bring our own, t-shirts and more…We are looking for assistance, donations, sponsorships and volunteers.
please contact us via email or call. Michael@PSILures.com or 951-529-4406

Thank you
The Catch Tour


Apr 11

Fish Reports Socal 4/10/2013

Socal Fish Counts 4/10/2013

60 Rockfish,8 Red Snapper,4 Boccacio, 3 Sculpin, 4 Copper rockfish,40



5 Sculpin, 2 Sheephead, 1 Whitefish, 110 Rockfish, 9 Vermillion rockfish,
54 Boccacio, 12 Copper rockfish, 40 Sanddabs

Aloha Spirit: 1 California Sheephead, 5 Lingcod, 3 California Scorpionfish, 110 Rockfish

San Diego3/4 Day 2054 Yellowtail
New Seaforth1/2 Day AM1516 Vermilion Rockfish, 2 Sculpin, 46 Rockfish

On the Water Report

21 Yellowtail, 10 Rockfish

Premier A.M.12
27 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 2 Sand bass, 4 Sculpin
Chubasco II3/4 Day 171 Ocean Whitefish, 24 Rockfish, 5 California Yellowtail, 1 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 California Scorpionfish

Speed Twin1/2 Day AM23115 Rockfish, 5 California Scorpionfish, 1 Lingcod
San Diego3/4 Day 2054 California Yellowtail
Mission Belle3/4 Day 1416 California Yellowtail, 1 Rockfish
MirageOvernight 1938 Lingcod, 190 Rockfish
Gentleman3/4 Day 211 Lingcod, 210 Rockfish, 2 Ocean Whitefish
Daily Double1/2 Day AM212 Ocean Whitefish, 39 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 29 Rockfish, 2 California Scorpionfish, 2 Barred Sand Bass

The Calico Syndicate


The Calico Syndicate

If you haven’t seen or heard, Fly fishing for Calico Bass is start to gain popularity on the Southern California Coast. The boys over at the The Calico Syndicate has been hitting it hard. They have an up coming film coming out on the 9th of Feb. You can purchase tickets, and follow them onĀ  Facebook.
Enjoy the trailer.

Click any of the content to be taken to the forum or to see trailer click The Calico Syndicate.

Apr 10

Pro Staff Line Up


this list is tentative, it will be changed and altered i am sure over the next week! there are 12 spots open, these spots are for Offishial Business, PSI Lures, The Catch Tour and SSC. We represent as one and respect with no drama. where your name is on this list does not matter, all that matters is you are here and on it!
Thank you for your support and we will do what we can to assist you.1. RedRock55
2. Saltwater Bass
3. Oatums
4. Choodak
5. Fisher of Men
6. Justimm
7. Captain Jeff Jones
8. Saltwater Bass 1
9. Hunt and Fish
Apr 10

Winners of the contest!

RE: Offishial Business Contest!

3 winners.

Contest #1. is for best picture of Large Mouth Bass caught this year!
2 winners (fisherofmen) (urbanbasser55)

Contest #2. is for best picture of a Saltwater Bass caught this year!
1 winner (saltwater bass 1)

As for the winners it was not the biggest and normally i would not tie 2 for it, but i liked both pictures and the contest was best picture, i am very partial to “the catch tour”.
With that said congrats, winners please PM me your t-shirt size and address.
Thank you and lets see what is next…