May 01

Made it out on the boat once more in Hawaii.

So i went out one last time yesterday, as a deckhand, all in all the day was awesome. Day went smooth and we caught a couple nice ONO. We took the clients to snorkel spot and then headed home.
Great day and great people, as always i learned a lot from Captain Bill, he is such an awesome person. Thank you for a great trip and great times on the boats Bill.

I did make a small error, no one to blame mis communication, putting the boat back on the mooring. lucky that it all worked out. it is a trip working on a boat you have never ran nor had real use of the controls. in all my years running boats, this was the first boat with electronic controls and the feel of these are very different. as the delay factor with the servo’s.

Well that is all for the Hawaii trip and the fishing part packing it up and heading to the mainland. part of me wishes to stay and part of me never wants to leave. until sept. the Hawaii reports will come in via phone and email.
Tight Lines and Aloha!

Apr 29

Hawaii Fishing looks like i am done for this trip!

Well its been a fun trip, but like a lot of things some stuff has to come to a end. With one boat down and the cost to run the other boat so dang high, it has pretty much ended the trip. freezer is full and pics all around, even some videos. the only video that really sucked not getting was my mom in the fighting chair. NEXT Time, i will make sure to push record once not twice. oops…

As for fishing in hawaii, it is so much different than any other place in the world or atleast California and Mexico. the style the colors and the techniques all have a spin of there own. how ever i did manage to get some trick i learned over the years to work… These i will leave quiet for now as they work and they get bit. its a matter of getting the deck hand to use it for the captain now likes it and likes the resualts.

Until September, Hawaii and The Crew of the the Capt. Jack Thank you.
Team Offishial Business

Apr 25

Fishing KONA Hawaii on the Capt. Jack

We went, we fished, we caught, had the kids and mom in the chair and on stand up. what a blast! Thank you Captain Bill and Carrie, always a great time and a pleasure. The Capt. Jack is just a COOL Boat.
Sophia ended the day with the biggest fish 30+lb Ahi awesome to see that happen, Austin well he got the second at about 28 lbs and well the ono and the other ahi went 1 for me and mom and the kids got the rest.
 I will post pics and video soon.
the ahi went to shashimi and poke once we got home and tomorrow its dinner time.
 All and all the day was just gorgeous. Thanks you mom and dad for having a wonderful house on the big island, thank you to all those in our lives and thank you lord for granting all of this to us.

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Apr 23

TSA Broke my Rod.

Well we made it to Hawaii, Yay!
Down side is the Bazooka Rod Tube was slid open via TSA and shoved back together 1  holes short and blew the tip of one of my favorite spinning rods apart by about 7 inches. moving forward, its time to get it shortened and a new tip and get on the water.

Apr 22

Lake Powell Report

Lake Powell Report
The fishing is on fire at Lake Powell right now!! The only thing hurting the striper bite is the wind. We have had easy 100 fish a rod fishing for about 3 weeks now. The fish are coming out of the main channel from the dam on up to Rock Creek. Most of the fish are in the 2-6lb size. There are a few guys trolling big cranks and swim baits in the backs of canyons with water in flow and they are catching some fish in the 7-10lb class. The schoolies in the main channel are an easy bite on cut anchovies. Remember you are encourage to keep all the stripers you can use……..NO LIMIT.

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Apr 18

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