Jun 20

BD Yellow tail Shootout Here we come

Well with a major overhaul to the boat new electronics from Lowrance and support from our other sponsors the boat is back together and ready to fish.
This weekend we will be in Mission bay San Diego, CA fishing the Yellow tail Shootout. 4 person team and looking to put fish on the scale.

Special Thank you and shout out to all that made this happen:
The Dana on mission bay , Depot Car Zone, Lowance, Global West Marine, Eliminator Boats, Paradise Dental Supplies, the BREW CREW Inc. and all that support us!

Jun 04

A reminder from GLOBAL WEST MARINE

A reminder from GLOBAL WEST MARINE
So i was talking with John @ Global West Marine, we would like to remind everyone of the safety while boating.

  1.   Safety check you boat before you go out, ie. Life jackets, throw cushion, paddle, fire extinguisher etc…
  2.   A designated driver
  3.   Double check you fluids, or better yet bring it by a shop (hopefully Global West Marine) have a once over done. nothing worse than break downs.
  4.   Do not be in a rush, look and watch your surroundings.
  5.   Let the trailer bearings cool off before you drop that trailer in the water. give them at least 20 mins to cool down.

For more info on service work and or upgrades call John @ 951-675-7034

Jun 04

Phone calls to me about Fishing

OK here is the dope (makos, threshers & yellows) So i was working the show all weekend selling lures 1 at a time and getting phone calls left and right, on what and where the fish are, well here it is.
He Mikey go the skinny on the mako bite, hey man we got into 5 thresher sharks, man we found a few yellow when trolling for a mako off a small paddy. this is what the phone calls sounded like.


May 28

Captain Jeff Jones

Captain Jeff Jones

While making the move from the middle of the back last weekend with our one fish to weigh for the Western Outdoor News Catalina Seabass Tourney, I noticed something interesting. Very good conditions along a stretch of the island, and solid seabass marks for almost a mile. We did not have the time to stop and fish it properly, but did make a few halibut drifts while I took some mental notes. I knew I had to get back and on this stuff before the world found out, and I did.

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