Apr 03

Kid gets points taken away at tournament?

I do not have all the details as of yet, either way i will post the story once i get all the details, i am not starting drama, but if the kid was in the wrong lesson learned, however if the tournament people are just being A-holes then i want people to know.

Here is what i know tubes and kayaks tournament only 10 entries, they got 1 fish took 5th place.
well lets see what the details are going to be!

Apr 01

Great info From Captain On Board SEA BASS TIME

Great info From Captain On Board SEA BASS TIME

Well, the trip was a 1/2 success. We found enough squid to fish with and the bass wanted to bite. That’s a big improvement to a week prior when other found no squid and struggled to catch anything. Water temps are up from 56-57 degrees to 60-61 degrees. I metered seabass in several area, but could not get them to bite. I also found squid out in the deeper water staging areas off the V’s, and it looks like that stuff should be moving in (if it hasn’t already).

In the afternoon I came up on a spot of crashing yellows on the Salta Verde Kelp Line. One chased a Tady C that I threw, but other than follow it all the way to the boat, we hooked a total of zero exotics for the day. Not even a single mystery bite.

With the island looking SO CLOSE to ready, I am excited for another trip. Better to be the one to happen upon a biting island, than hear about it from someone else. Last quarter moon phase begins tomorrow, and the new moon is on the 10th. With stable weather and this prime moon phase, it could happen. This moon phase showcases good afternoon tides, and terrible morning tides. So a sportboat or 6-pak will probably NOT be the one to get things started. Those guys are on the way home when things get good for the evening bite (unless they run a custom charter).