Tell me why?

Tell me why?
It has been another banner week on the East Cape with very constant action for all anglers.  I have run out of ways to describe how sick the bite is.

If you are reading this report and haven’t just returned from fishing or just getting ready to go I would like to know why?  The weather couldn’t be nicer, the Sea of Cortez hasn’t yielded like this in a long time and airfares to Los Cabos are at a bargain price.

The Dorado Shoot out and EC Bisbee are now behind us for 2013.  While no record breaking monster fish were landed both events were well attended, very successful and loads of fun.   During the Bisbee 183 striped marlin and sailfish were released.  Good lord, teams weren’t even fishing for those species.

Broadbill swordfish are still popping up everyday.  We had one in our sights today on Jen Wren III but it sank out before we could present a bait.

Mark Rayor OUT!  I’m going fishing!

Click Here to see the pictures, Very worth it!!!

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