May 28

Captain Jeff Jones

Captain Jeff Jones

While making the move from the middle of the back last weekend with our one fish to weigh for the Western Outdoor News Catalina Seabass Tourney, I noticed something interesting. Very good conditions along a stretch of the island, and solid seabass marks for almost a mile. We did not have the time to stop and fish it properly, but did make a few halibut drifts while I took some mental notes. I knew I had to get back and on this stuff before the world found out, and I did.

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May 15

Sportsman’s Fair, Yep We will be there!

Sportsman’s Fair, Yep We will be there! Ok so i talked with the group over there and got a booth again for the sportsmans fair.

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“This is an unbelievable event – one of a kind!” Legacy Sports Vice Presidentof Sales and Marketing Andy McCormick said. “There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world!”

NEXT SHOW: May 31, June 1-2, 2013 Hands-On Shooting Sports Fair

May 09

A simple question i seem to hear alot

Ok, so i wouldn’t think i would hear this question as often as i do. Why do i carry the exact same jig head in 1/16, 1/4, and 1/2 oz sizes. As most of you that have been on this site for a while know, i am primarily a wade fisherman and i fish with mostly plastics…..  …..  ….im not an expert by any means, i just take the time to think about what im doing…and thats all it takes to become a better fisherman……never stop being a student of the sport.
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This was written by one of our members and has a lot of truth and sense to it.

May 04

“I start where the seabass have NOT been biting.”

There are guys that just bank on a fish report. I mean, when they hear the fish are on a kelp line or squid nest, that is it, set in stone. I am not that guy. Never have been, never will be. I do take mental notes of when and where, but not so I can go sit on the spot where someone else found the fish. I am speaking specifically about island seabass, Catalina Island seabass.
Back in the days when I worked for Mark Wisch, he would always talk about the 3 day bite. Meaning, that when the seabass moved into an area they would bite there for 3 days, and not normally more than that. Determining where they would move to and bite next, well, that was one of Marks specialties (that I think I learned from him). No doubt he learned that in some ways from Allyn Watson. The thing to think about here is, when a guy makes a score and word gets out, at what point in the 3 day rule did he find the fish?

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May 02

Opah on 1/2 day boat.

So one of the members get this text from the (Owner of 976-Tuna) and its a picture of the Opah. I am thinking BS, for obvious reasons. Sure as $h!t, its real! “I was picturing some old Asian guy with a rent rod upside down (not being racist, thats just what I pictured in my mind) getting his butt kicked”.
I’ve seen a few opah battles, and gaffed’em, they pull HARD. Turns out it was the Captain of the boat Western Pride that hooked and landed the fish. Now the interesting thing here is, opah are often found when there are albie around. Up North off Half Moon Bay, they are actually a daily occurrence in the albie fleet. I wonder………………

First a swordfish inside Dana Harbor, then a wahoo caught on the LB bait barge, now this??? What has this world come to?

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