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  Coast Guard Congressional committee endorses bill to change recreational boating sta
Posted by: Mikey - 05-21-2015 06:04 PM - No Replies

Talk amongst yourselves:

Congressional committee endorses bill to change recreational boating standards
posted: 5/21/2015

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[Image: DSC_3796.jpg]

By: Parimal M. Rohit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A bill proposed by federal legislators to modernize regulatory definitions for recreational boats cleared a congressional committee late last month.

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved House Resolution 1987 (HR 1987), which would, among other things, require the Coast Guard to update its definitions of how to determine a recreational vessel’s engine weight and model years.

In addition to updating definitions for recreational boats, HR 1987 also proposes to provide the Coast Guard with sufficient funding to pay for capital projects, monitor safety and respond to maritime emergencies.

“This legislation would provide budget stability for the Coast Guard, strengthening its ability to protect our nation and safeguard maritime commerce,” Rep. Eric Garamendi (D-California), one of the bill’s sponsors, said. “This bill would also authorize sufficient funding to help address the many unmet capital project needs of the Coast Guard.”

According to Garamendi’s office, HR 1987, which is also known as the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2015, would eliminate annual registrations for recreational vessels and promote “common sense regulations by revising outdated regulatory definitions to bring them in line with modern industry practice and to improve manufacturing efficiency and recreational vessel safety.”

Specifically, HR 1987 proposes to define a recreational boat’s model year between June 1 of the year it was manufactured and July 31 of the following year. Further, the Coast Guard would have to update its engine weight specifications to account for today’s heavier motors. According to reports, the Coast Guard has not updated its standards for recreational boat engines since 1984.

Updating engine weight specifications would allow the Coast Guard to better conduct floatation tests and better predict what conditions would force a boat to sink.

The Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2015 also proposed to make clear maritime liens cannot be imposed upon fishing permits and require passenger vessels to be properly equipped with innovative or novel safety designs to keep an individual’s body fully aboard the boat while ensuring safe and stable navigation.

Another element of HR 1987 proposes to direct the Coast Guard to establish a documentation program making it easier for recreational boaters to enter foreign ports. If HR 1987 passes, the Coast Guard could offer recreational boaters a five-year certificate of documentation, an upgrade over the current one-year program.

Marine casualty reporting could also be improved under HR 1987.

Other elements of HR 1987 call the Coast Guard to improve its National Vessel Documentation Center, recover any costs to create safety zones in waterways for fireworks or private events, certify local physicians for the sake of determining the medical fitness of merchant mariners, consolidate the expiration dates of multiple documents required to be aboard a vessel and reduce industry reporting requirements.

“For more than 100 years, the Coast Guard has kept our ports and waterways secure, protected our shores and communities, and responded to disasters or emergencies affecting our mariners, fishermen, and the general public,” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) said. “Congress must ensure that the Coast Guard has the resources and assets necessary to accomplish its mission.”

The bill’s sponsors — Reps. Duncan Hunter (D-California), Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), Garamendi and DeFazio — requested $8.68 billion per year to fully fund the Coast Guard’s operations through 2017.

HR 1987 still needs to obtain support of the full House before moving on to the Senate. If the bill clears both houses, it will require the president’s signature to officially become law.

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  Yellowtail Shootout 2015
Posted by: Mikey - 04-23-2015 05:20 PM - Replies (1)

Who is in for the shootout
we have the first boat entered and looking to enter the second next week as well possibly a third.

it will be a fun weekend and hope to land a few nice fish to get into the top 5.

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Star Stop the Fishing Gear Ban! Sign the Petition!
Posted by: Mikey - 04-17-2015 02:04 PM - No Replies

Stop the Fishing Gear Ban! Sign the Petition!
California Angling to Ban Common Fishing Gear and Sinkers. Sign the Petition!

State regulators have decided to regulate and potentially ban common fishing gear and sinkers! This means that the cost of your fishing gear could increase 20-fold or, worse yet, become illegal in California! State regulators admit that they have NOT conducted any research that would justify the creation of these onerous and costly regualtions.

Sign Up Today! Send a strong message that anglers are good stewards of the environment, but decisions to ban fishing gear should be determined by sound science… not politics! Thank you for having your voice heard!
Thank you for your help to stop the State's Fishing Gear Ban! Please attend the DTSC workshop to voice your opposition to the State's ban!

September 29th from 12:30-3:30
DTSC Regional Offices
5796 Corporate Avenue
Cypress, CA

Click here to read more about the State’s proposed fishing gear regulations.

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  Sardine catch and Feds to halt it
Posted by: Mikey - 04-17-2015 07:12 AM - No Replies

West Coast fisheries managers will likely shut down sardine fishing this year as numbers decline, echoing a previous collapse that decimated a thriving industry and increasing worries that other species might be withheld from the commercial market.

Fishermen are resigned to not being able to get sardines, but they hope the Pacific Fishery Management Council will not be so concerned that it sets the level for incidental catch of sardines at zero, shutting down other fisheries, such as mackerel, anchovies and market squid, which often swim with sardines.

Sardines were a thriving fishery on the West Coast from World War I through World War II, and the cannery-lined waterfront in Monterey, California, became the backdrop for John Steinbeck's 1945 novel, "Cannery Row." The fishery industry crashed in the 1940s, and riding the book's popularity, Cannery Row became a tourist destination, with restaurants and hotels replacing the canneries.

The industry revived in the 1990s, when fisheries developed in Oregon and Washington waters. Today, there are about 100 boats with permits to fish for sardines on the West Coast, about half the number during the heyday. Much of the catch, landed from Mexico to British Columbia, is exported to Asia and Europe, where some is canned, and the rest goes for bait. West Coast landings have risen from a value of $1.4 million in 1991 to a peak of $21 million in 2012, but are again declining.

"The industry survives fishing on a complex," of species, said Diane Pleschner-Steele, director of the California Wetfish Producers Association, which represents 63 California-based fishing boats. "Sardines, up until this point, have been one very important leg of a three- or four-legged stool.... Now we don't have sardines. Our fleet is scrambling."

The latest estimates of how many Pacific sardines are schooling off Oregon, California and Washington have fallen below the mandatory cutoff line. The council cut harvests by two-thirds last year, and meets April 12 in Rohnert Park, California, to set the latest sardine harvest.

The conservation group Oceana is urging the council to immediately shut down sardine fishing, and not wait until the new season starts July 1. The group wants incidental catch limits set at zero, leaving as much food as possible in the ocean for sea lions and other wildlife, and speeding the rebuilding process for sardines.

Ben Enticknap of Oceana acknowledged that sardines naturally go through large population swings, but he argued that fishing since 2007 has exceeded their reproduction rate, exacerbating the numbers collapse.

"Previous stock assessments were way too optimistic and weren't matching up with what was observed on the water," Enticknap said. "The sea lions and sea birds have been starving since 2013, pelicans since 2010. Everyone knew something was going on because there wasn't enough food to eat for these predators. Now this stock assessment comes out saying that the sardine population is much lower than they had previously expected."

David Crabbe, a squid fishing boat owner and council member, said he would expect the council to allow incidental catch to reduce the impact on the fleet.

The latest stock assessments vary between 133,000 metric tons, and 97,000 metric tons, both below the 150,000 metric tons cutoff, and less than 10 percent of the 2006 peak of 1.4 million metric tons.

The stock assessment is conducted by boat. As the research boats cruise the water, an acoustic signal is emitted, which bounces back with information on what kinds and how many fish are nearby. Stock assessors also estimate how many sardine eggs are floating in the water, and how many sardines are spawning off California, said Kerry Griffin, a staff officer for the council.

Fishermen are unhappy with the stock assessments, Pleschner-Steele said. They say the acoustic gear is too deep in the water and misses fish on the surface, where they feed

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  Boater Saftey and knowledge
Posted by: Mikey - 04-14-2015 11:35 AM - Replies (2)

Every person driving a boat or even being on a boat should take a look at this and study it as well take the course.

Also please don't call yourself a captain unless you have studied and have the credentials, our a skipper of a vessel otherwise.

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  Yellowtail Shootout
Posted by: Mikey - 04-08-2015 06:42 AM - No Replies

We are registered, room and slip reserved and putting the team together.
this year we are in it to win it.... i am keeping the names out of the inter web media for now who is fishing, but if all the details work out hold on. haha

looking to see how many will enter and how great a turn out it will be this year.

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  Happy Easter
Posted by: Mikey - 04-05-2015 08:10 AM - No Replies

Happy Easter to all have a wonderful blessed day!

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  2015 yellowtail shootout
Posted by: So.Cali - 03-31-2015 07:52 PM - Replies (6)

Who's in it this year? Craig and I are.

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  One Week Away The Catch Tour (prostate cancer event)
Posted by: Mikey - 03-13-2015 06:48 AM - Replies (2)

Well the final count down is here
all looks like its a go and a few more raffle prizes are on the way, pushing us over $3000.00 in prizes. If you havent you should register ASAP!
We have a great lunch set up plus snacks and more.
the kids pool and tons of fun planed

See ya all out at Prado regional park sat. March 21

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  donations the catch tour
Posted by: Mikey - 03-09-2015 06:36 PM - Replies (6)

I'm raising money for The Catch Tour (Prostate Cancer). Click to Donate: via @gofundme

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