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  The Catch Tour
Posted by: Here Fishy Fishy - 02-27-2015 07:02 AM - Replies (1)

so I have followed this event a little bit and it looks like a great one.
anyone going?

I like the deal of 2 different team styles, one being the family style and the second the buddies team or bachelors team, just sayin!

Good luck to all and win some of those prizes, was reading on facebook they have over $2000 in prizes and raffles.

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  Permit from the DFW Approved
Posted by: Mikey - 02-19-2015 09:02 AM - No Replies

Prado Regional Park, El lake








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Thumbs Up California fishermen land court ruling
Posted by: Mikey - 02-12-2015 08:38 AM - Replies (1)

California fishermen land court ruling
In monumental decision, California 3rd District Court of Appeals rules for fish farmers, stocking
Like a lot of government agencies, the California Fish and Wildlife Department has a tendency to turn crawfish over any lawsuit filed by groups who are intent on stopping fishing and hunting in this state by using the courts.

Either the agency rolls over and gives the anti-hunting and fishing groups anything they want or it overreacts and does more harm than can possibly be imagined. In the case of challenges to its regulations regarding stocking fish and fish-rearing businesses, it did both. It rolled over and did more harm. But this time it didn’t work.

On Tuesday, in a monumental ruling in favor of fishing, the California Third District Court of Appeals has “struck down the state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s illegally drafted permitting requirements on recreational freshwater fishing — regulations that threatened to decimate the $2.4 billion industry by driving fishing lakes, private hatcheries, and fish farms out of business,” according to a release from the Pacific Legal Foundation, which represented the California Association for Recreational Fishing (CARF) against the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The fishermen in California won thanks to the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) and the California Association for Recreational Fishing (CARF).

Finally, the state’s inability to fend off these anti-fishing organizations from imposing unfair, illegal sanctions and regulations led to a court ruling that stopped the state assault on recreational fishing, preserved jobs and most of all, assured Californians and their families that they’ll have opportunities to fish in the future at lakes stocked with fish. Had these ridiculous regulations by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife not been struck down, they potentially would have cost lakes such as Dixon, Poway and Jennings more than $100,000 every one to five years in order to stay current with the needless environmental studies and mandates.

“This was a very good day for freshwater fishing in California,” said Marko Mlikotin, executive director of the CARF, a grass-roots organization of freshwater fishermen and businesses. “We could not be happier. This will have a profound impact on fish farmers and lakes and all the places where fish stocking supplement what the state doesn’t do in terms of stocking warm and coldwater fisheries.”

Said Craig Elliott, president of CARF and a recreational fishing lakes operator and fish farmer: “We could not be more pleased with the Appellate Court’s rejection of the Department’s illegal regulations. This ruling ensures that freshwater fishing will continue to be an affordable and accessible form of recreation for California families and a source of jobs. California anglers owe a debt of gratitude to PLF for championing our cause.”

The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) represented CARF and led the legal charge, challenging the DFW’s radical new mandate on hatcheries and stocking ponds that was influenced by anti-fishing groups that lobbied the Department of Fish and Wildlife and likely have infiltrated the fish and wildlife bureaucracy with anti-hunting and fishing extremists.

PLF argued that the state’s freshwater fish population is “historically healthy,” yet DFW issued a regulation that before anyone could stock or raise fish, DFG would have to determine that there would be no effect on dozens of arbitrarily-selected species — including species that are abundant and thriving in California.
"This process would be so cumbersome and drawn out that it could effectively block many stocking ponds and hatcheries from continuing to operate,” Mlikotin said.

PLF challenged the new regulations, saying they were drafted without public input, which is mandated by the California Administrative Procedure Act (CAPA). Essentially, the Court ruled the hatchery and fish farm regulations were “underground regulations” that were set without sufficient public input.

“This court ruling is a powerful victory for everyone who values recreational fishing opportunities, and for everyone who values openness and accountability in government,” said PLF senior staff attorney Joshua Thompson. “The DFW concocted these radical regulations all on its own, without any request from the Legislature and without seeking public review and comment as state law requires. This court victory saves recreational fishing from out-of-control regulators and protects everyone’s rights by reminding bureaucrats they aren’t above the law.”

The new, illegal regulations were rooted in a 2010 Fish and Wildlife Environmental Impact Report that claimed that the stocking of lakes and ponds with hatchery-bred fish puts indigenous fish and habitat in danger. The environmental document also radically changed the the permitting process for stocking private fishing lakes and ponds without any public review or input, and without direction from the State Legislature.

The DFW changed its fish stocking permitting process in the EIR by prohibiting all stocking which would have an adverse effect on "decision species." CARF and PLF studies and research proved that more than half of these so-called "decision species" are not listed under any statute or regulation, but were included by agency whim, Thompson said.

“The EIR also required private hatcheries to engage in continuous and expensive monitoring for invasive species, the results of which must be reported to the Department for use in its investigations and permitting decisions,” he added.

But in the end, the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of fishermen and common sense and ruled against a Fish and Wildlife agency that no longer has the best interests of the fishermen and hunters in California as its core mission.

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  Fishing Techniques for a fun day with the family
Posted by: Mikey - 02-12-2015 08:14 AM - No Replies

Fishing Techniques for a fun day with the family

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks
[Image: lakefishingtips_1-300x225.jpg]
Remember that you don’t always need to use fancy fishing techniques to catch fish. A simple worm and bobber rig is great for pan fish such as bluegill, perch, crappie, sunfish and pumpkin seeds. You will want to find a spot where you can see the bobbers and the wind will not carry them into brush. If you are looking to spend a fun day out with the family, or looking to get your kids introduced to some lake fishing techniques, pan fishing from shore is a great place to start. Pan fishing can be done with the minimal amount of equipment and is fairly easy to teach. You will want to select a location that is friendly for parking your crew. Many locations have piers or docks where you can set a few chairs or dangle your feet in the water. You may also want to see if there is a nearby bathroom!

Print this item Send this item to a friend Check this out
Posted by: Mikey - 02-04-2015 08:22 AM - Replies (1)

With this event shaping up and Donations and Sponsor's pulling together it is truly amazing. We will have 2 Divisions this year. First is the Family teams MUST have a child on the team (up to 4 people per team). Second is the Adults only (2 max per team)
The next is the 3 raffles tears (1) is the $1.00 tickets (2) is the $5.00 Tickets (more for the adults 21 and over) and (3) the big one $20.00 tickets.

We have all types of raffle prizes in all the tears from Wine to t-shirts and fishing tackle to an above ground pool, Gift cards to restaurants / Shops and plenty of other items. The food is going to be awesome and plenty Marinated Chicken, Hotdogs, Hamburgers and more. A special thank you to Berkley for our prize bags and other sponsors.

Remember the break down for this event $45.00 for the first two on the team, $15.00 for each additional for the family teams. The Adult team of 2 is $45.00. These fee's INCLUDE: your entrance into the Park, Lunch, Fishing fees at the park, one raffle ticket per person, Goody Bag, T-Shirts and The Donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Also Lets not forget about the KIDS FISHING POND (ok pool full of trout)!

We look forward to seeing all friends and family at this event.
Thank you
The Catch Tour

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  The Catch Tour
Posted by: Mikey - 01-26-2015 10:04 AM - No Replies

This Event!
summed up in one word, Amazing!!!
With 2 divisions this year and a kids catch fish pond (pool stocked with fish)
For more info check out the website

Food, Fishing, Family, Fundraiser, Fight cancer and fight fish!

Raffles and Prizes from great sponsors and donations.

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  Best or Worst Hunting or Fishing Story
Posted by: Mikey - 01-19-2015 08:43 AM - Replies (4)

Here is the contest Best or Worst Hunting or Fishing Story, post your story and we will have a pole in 3 weeks. How the pole will work is that once they are all posted we will Number them, from there you can vote in the pole to see who wins.
Winner will receive a Hoodie and T-Shirt (girls will get a girls cut shirt) so lets get everyone involved and have your friends, family and buddies post and/or vote.
The contest Starts today 1/19/2015 and will go 3 weeks with the 4th week the voting week.
Good luck cant wait to see the write ups!

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  NUGENT: California nightmare
Posted by: Mikey - 12-19-2014 12:40 PM - Replies (9)

NUGENT: California nightmare

Bankrupt state serves as a warning to the rest of America

Will the last American left in California please turn out the lights? And don’t let the door slam you in the behind. California isn’t going broke. It’s already broke and is $16 billion in the hole. With businesses leaving the state in record numbers because of punitive taxes and bizarre overregulation, the only way forward is to either raise taxes or severely cut benefits. Raising taxes is the mantra of liberals, and California is awash with liberal politicians.

In addition to business-killing taxes and regulations, California has the third-highest state income tax in the nation, the nation’s highest sales tax and the highest gas taxes in America.

Get this: Roughly half of California’s income taxes are paid by just 1 percent of California’s residents. It’s no wonder the most productive people are leaving the state each year as more bloodsuckers move in.

If that isn’t bad enough, California has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates; its health care system is on the verge of collapse, with dozens of hospitals closing over the past decade; crime is rampant in California’s cities; its public employees are paid staggering amounts of money compared to ordinary Californians; and massive numbers of illegal aliens continue to invade the state.

This isn’t California dreamin’ but rather an American nightmare.

It’s a blinding statement of the obvious, but California’s financial nightmare (and the nation’s) is a terminal addiction to bloated and expensive government completely out of control, with zero accountability.

You don’t need to be an economist to understand that less government equals more prosperity. The fundamental problem we face is that too many Americans do not understand this most basic economic truism, or worse, simply refuse to accept it.

It doesn’t work that way (or can’t work that way for long) and that’s why California and our federal government are financial train wrecks.

The way out of this mess would be painful. Massive cuts would be required, services slashed, and agencies gutted and eliminated.

There is no dispute there will be pain. The question is: When will we deal with it, now or later?

For many Americans, the answer is painfully obvious: Let someone else deal with it further down the road. Put it on the shoulders of future generations.

That is the wrong answer. The longer we postpone the pain, the more painful and ugly it will be. Just look at Greece, Spain and France.

The responsible answer is to deal with it now.

We can’t tax our way out of this mess. We can’t continue to borrow our way out. We can’t regulate our way out. We are not going to grow our way out. The only way out is to dramatically reduce government spending and to quit strangling the free market with burdensome regulations.

Liberalism has failed around the world, and it has failed here, too. Big government has been a big bust. Yet, for liberals, the solution is even bigger government.

Economist Milton Friedman had it right: “So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear, that there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

More government hasn’t been, isn’t and won’t ever be the answer. That’s California dreamin’.


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  Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by: Mikey - 11-27-2014 10:49 AM - No Replies

To All
have a happy thanksgiving and a safe weekend.

Team OFB outdoors

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  How to Fillet a Fish in 5 Easy Steps by Southern Fin
Posted by: Mikey - 10-24-2014 12:44 PM - No Replies

How to Fillet a Fish in 5 Easy Steps
by Souther fin, check out there site, great apparel and great quality.
[Image: fish-fillet.jpg][Image: fish-fillet.jpg]

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